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Executive consulting – the way to success

Business success depends significantly on excellent leadership. However, recruiting excellent executives is becoming significantly more challenging for companies. Demographic changes have reduced the number of potential candidates while at the same time not every search method is suitable for staffing management positions, the board of directors or advisory boards. A traditional ad-based search does not always prove efficient.

Top qualified. Perfect fit.

To attract candidates who are both qualified and also match the culture and structure of the business, a suitable search method must be determined. Thus, addressing potential candidates directly is increasingly important. In order to find ideal candidates, a direct search must be of reliable quality and be based on the necessary background information. Instead of off-the-shelf solutions, a user-defined approach is required, to meet and account for the specific characteristics of both the individual and the business.

Finding the right one

Späth Boje GmbH is an independent and owner-managed executive search provider. We support medium and large businesses in finding the ideal candidate for their vacancies –  both within Germany and abroad. Thanks to our own managerial background and experience in human resources consulting, we have the required expertise and qualifications to conduct high-level direct searches, thereby paving your way to success.

For you, we can find suitable

  • members for boards of directors and advisory boards,
  • CEOs and/or directors,
  • division managers and
  • technical experts.

You can rely on us. Why? Confidentiality with our customers is paramount. Further, our placement rate is an impressive 98%. And, as your long-term success is our priority, our engagement does not end once the position has been filled, but goes beyond that – guaranteed.

Our customers are mainly from the industrial sector, specialized (wholesale) trade as well as banking and financial services.

No matter if for settling succession, managing a strategic acquisition or going through a takeover, there are numerous reasons why a business might be looking for new executives.

In cooperation with selected partners, we offer additional management and organization consultation services that extend beyond our support for human resources issues.