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Three reasons to work with us

Are you looking for a new CEO, division manager or member of your board of directors or advisory board? Or are you looking for technical experts? Following a targeted approach based on our own management background and proven reliable search methods, we will quickly find the right person for you—even in times of executive shortages. Thanks to our own management background, our professional search method and superior candidate pool, we will deliver on this promise.

1. Longtime management experience


When it comes to consulting, we are on par with you. Thanks to our extended business background, and longtime leadership experience in medium and large companies, we can see things from your perspective and understand which qualities and qualifications are required.

We know the corporate world from the inside and are aware of the peculiarities different business types entail, among them family-led businesses, affiliates of a corporate group, national and international companies.

2. High-quality search method

The most demanding discipline in employee recruitment is to address candidates directly. Systematically identifying, contacting and assessing candidates and then choosing the right match requires outstanding recruitment skills. Only when the method is carried out properly, best results can be achieved. With us, you are on the safe side!

Methodological Expertise

Practise makes perfect. This old saying also holds true for the direct-approach method. Thanks to the many years we have worked in human resources consulting and thanks to having completed various education and training courses, our use of this method is tested and proven.

In combination with our scientific expertise we can guarantee that all search and selection processes are implemented using a maximum of intellectual understanding, precision and systematic approach.

Proprietary Research Department

Our research department is not outsourced. Instead, researching is done in-house and in close cooperation with the respective consultant. As such, staff responsible for the research tasks can study both the company and the project in detail, thereby creating a thorough foundation right at the beginning. Thus, candidates receive detailed information on the vacancy and the company when they are contacted for the first time. This helps to trigger interest in the position and to increase willingness to communicate—a real competitive edge particularly in times of executive shortage. In case the employer changes the position requirements, they can be taken into account immediately thanks to direct and agile communication channels.
When searching for candidates, we follow a streamlined and critical approach, beginning with the creation of a company and/or position profile. This profile includes all details—from the company’ structure and culture to the market environment. After suitable candidates have been identified, two interview cycles allow both parties to get to know each other a bit closer. The short-listed candidates are then presented to the customer in a confidential report including a management summary. These documents offer a quick, yet detailed overview. Once you have read the report, you can meet the candidates in person and decide whom to employ.

Your satisfaction is what we care for most. Therefore, our portfolio extends beyond the plain hiring process, including, for example, a feedback discussion of the recruitment process and checks to measure success. Our placement rate amounts to an impressive 98 %.

3. Superior candidate network

Our pool of candidates excels in quality. With us, the names of top candidates are not only written on paper. We have already established a personal connection to them, for example, on industry leading conferences.

Our solid network is also the result of our own yearslong management background.

When it comes to winning new candidates, you can take advantage of our professional contact method that allows us to get in touch with candidates who usually ignore recruitment inquiries.