Three reasons to work with us

Are you looking for a new CEO, division manager or member of your board of directors or advisory board? Or are you looking for technical experts? We will do the job for you so that you can focus on your core business.

Following a targeted approach based on our own management background and proven reliable search methods, we will quickly find the right person for you –  guaranteed.

1. Longtime management experience

From managers for managers
When it comes to consulting, we are on par with you. Thanks to our extended business background, and longtime leadership experience in medium and large companies, we can see things from your perspective and understand which qualities and qualifications are required. We know the corporate world from the inside and are aware of the peculiarities different business types entail, among them family-led businesses, affiliates of a corporate group, national and international companies.

2. High-quality search method

Drivers for success are our thorough management experience combined with a proven search method: In order to find suitable executives, we implement a high-quality direct search process.
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Comprehensive view
When searching for a candidate, we take into account your unique business and position requirements – from corporate structure and culture to the market environment. Our professional approach and leadership experience allow us to evaluate candidates accurately, to inspire and motivate them to fully engage in the interview process and later to help them throughout the entire process of joining your organization.

System-based and streamlined
Our approach is system-based, critical and thorough. These characteristics also apply to the process of getting to know the candidates during two interview cycles. Those who make it to the short list, are further evaluated by means of a biographical interview. Here, it is not only a straight resume that counts. We will also ask how the candidates dealt with disappointments, failures and unplanned events in their life.

The short-listed candidates are then presented to the customer in a confidential report including a management summary. These documents offer a quick, yet detailed overview. Once you have read the report, you can meet the candidates in person and decide on a potential employment.

Service that goes beyond the hiring process
Your satisfaction is what we care for most. Therefore, our portfolio extends beyond the hiring process, including, for example, a feedback discussion of the recruitment process and checks to measure success.

By following a proven approach and leveraging our professional background, we can assure you that we will find the right candidate. Our placement rate amounts to an impressive 98%. As we strive for your long-term satisfaction, for each order we will guarantee the following: In case the candidate leaves your business or is terminated within six months after the hire date, we will search for a successor at no charge for you.

3. Partner network

Sometimes, finding a new senior-level manager takes place while a business is dealing with other crucial events such as internal restructuring processes or expansion plans. To support you and offer professional consultation services even in these situations, we collaborate with selected partners.