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Sometimes, finding a new senior-level manager takes place while a business is dealing with other crucial events such as internal restructuring processes or expansion plans. To support you and offer professional consultation services even in these situations, we collaborate with selected partners.

ITO provides consultation and development services for individuals, teams and organizations. For more than 25 years, the company has been a reliable partner for strategy implementation and change management across all hierarchy levels.

This is precisely the true added value of our partnership: By collaborating with ITO, we can offer our customers a hierarchy-wide leadership and operational development opportunity and educate and coach their employees.

Emporion is the contact for our customers in case of acquisitions and succession settlement.

It offers consultation services for medium-sized businesses and enterprises faced with strategic acquisition tasks and share sales. Emporion supports its customers in developing strategies, analyzing markets, identifying and contacting suitable companies as well as closing the deal.

IuVAmus GmbH helps businesses and top managers to carry out employment decisions in a constructive and effective way. From outplacing employees in case of severances, to onboarding new hires or coaching staff for job promotions: We support our customers by means of streamlined processes and individual implementation.

Our consultants know how it feels to be a decision maker, an affected employee and a coach and are thus able to help their clients accept changes, create new perspectives and take on opportunities.